Final cuts

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Final cuts

Postby Old but Slow » Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:16 am

After tomorrow the team will make the big cut of players down to 53. That means 22 players will go. Some will be signed by other teams that look at our roster, and some will go to our practice squad. Any thoughts about how this will go? We have a lot of good players who will not be kept, simply because we can only keep so many players at each position.

For me, I think that our offensive backfield will be much the same, with Marshawn, Turbin and Michael, although Turbin's high ankle sprain might cause a change. As much as the prospect of bringing in the veteran from Buffalo may appeal (forgetting his name, forgive me I am old), I think that they will stay with what they have.

Wide receiver will be interesting, and there is a question, as always about how many they will keep. The obvious ones are Baldwin, Lockett, and Kearse, and after that it is wide open. Maybe the most wide open position on the team. There are a lot of players with talent, and no one who is standing out. Matthews is an obvious possibility after his performance in the big game, Lockette is a big performer on special teams, Kevin Williams and Kasen Williams have played well, and B J Daniels is a great athlete with QB experience and can make returns. And I don't know the status of Paul Richardson. My guess is that we will keep Baldwin, Lockett, Kearse, Matthews, Lockette, and Williams.

The line seems to be set with Okung, Britt, Nowak, Sneezy, and Gilliam. They can't keep all of these guys, but the most promising seem to be Bailey, who has been underwhelming this preseason, Glowinsky, who may be the best of the rookies, and a future starter, Lewis, who started some at center last season, and maybe Keavon Milton who shows some promise at guard. Poole and Sokoli seem like candidates for the practice squad.

Defense is much clearer, as so many top players are returning, and this has been a good unit. The legion is solid, with the question on what Kam will do. Even without him they seem solid as Bailey is a good player, and Earl Thomas seems ready to play. The corner position opposite Sherman is up for grabs, and I am thinking that Simon will beat out Cary Williams. Kam will be back at some point, so the situation is strong. There is some serious competition happening though in the rest of the backfield. It is like an abundance of wealth. They can only keep so many defensive backs, but there is serious talent back there. Is there room for Keenan Lambert (SS) who is Kam's brother, Ronald Martin a big safety who has been making plays, Steven Terrell who has been starting when Earl was out, and so on. How many DB's will we keep? As a guess, Sherman, Kam, Earl, (really going out on a limb there) Simon, Shead, Bailey, Lane, Smith, and Williams. Harsh. That leaves off Blackmon, Seisay, Burley, Terrell Martin, Lambert Murphey and McNeill. Wow.

Linebacker is a little easier, as Wagner, Wright, and Irvin seem solid and KPL seems solid. Coyle seems like a solid backup, and Morgan is a good backup and is great on special teams. That leaves Pinkins, Adams, and Singleton to fight it out for a last spot, and I would give it to Pinkins.

The defensive line is led by Mebane, Bennett, and Avril, but the additions of Rubin and Clark could make this a special unit. Jordan Hill could be a really good player as well, and Cassius Marsh has been all over the place in the preseason. Jesse Williams and T Y McGill are intriguing, but only one will likely make it. I would suggest it will be McGill. That leaves out King, Gwancham, Dobbs and Warmsley, but I think that Gwancham will be on the pracice squad.
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