Rw is amazing

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Rw is amazing

Postby Anthony » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:05 pm

Like him or not, what to butch or not the reality is he is amazing

this team is now 5th in drop passes this year,
Oline allowed the most hits, hurries and sacks of any oline
no run game
horrible play calling and design
no real #1 WR(big)


Rw sets record for most TDs in the 4th qtr
Led the league in passing TDs
was our leading rusher
Is the only QB in the SB era to account for over 80% of our offensive yards at 82%
Is the only Qb in the SB era to account for over 95% of our offensive Tds at 97%

Now imagine if he has some help and better play calling and design and philosophy
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