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Re: Shead to Detroit

Postby mykc14 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:43 pm

Seahawks4Ever wrote:If we can't afford a CB for 1.05 mil. then PETE WILL FAIL!!!

Huh? This wasn't about can or can't afford. They chose not to re-sign him. They decided they wanted to go in another direction. They saw where he was at the end of the year and didn't think he was worth 1.5 mil. Pretty simple. You can argue that you think he was worth that much and the Hawks should have re-signed him but you can't argue that they 'couldn't afford him.' This is why it is hard to take you seriously when you say things about the Hawks never winning again with PC and JS and those things are 'clear as day.' If you can't see this decision was about them feeling like Shead wasn't worth it and not about the price being so high I don't think your 'clear as day' is clear at all.
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