Kaepernick's Seahawk Workout Postponed...

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Re: Kaepernick's Seahawk Workout Postponed...

Postby Hawktawk » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:53 am

In PCs year end presser he stated"you can't tell the story of the 2017 season without the protests". He specifically referenced the Tennessee game when the entire team stayed in the locker room following Drumphs SOB grandstanding and played like they might as well have never taken the field complete with a nasty brawl at the end of the game. My opinion is known and shared by 60% of fans at least which is keep it out of the stadium regardless of your cause, whether I agree with it or dont.

I will be royally POd If Krapperdink is ever a Seahawk. Its not just about him mucking up my favorite sport with his BS politics in the workplace. Its that he's a dunce and a very bad one dimensional QB who will get our receivers killed throwing late and leading them into hits should he god forbid ever take a snap. Ask Vernon Davis. His only real weapon was his wheels and once they take that away he's basically a guy with a rocket launch arm with no touch on the ball and an inability to read the field whatsoever.
But his boneheaded political grandstanding is my biggest issue with him and everyone else who refused to respect our flag and anthem.He took it one step further with the pig socks and the Castro garb and was even idiotic enough to defend Castro saying they have "an excellent educational system". yeah that communist totalitarian propaganda is a wonder to behold isn't it?

I blame one Roger Goody two shoes Goodell for all of this. His social engineering experiments over the years have caught up with him. He said last year he wishes players would stand for the anthem. Well commish make it happen.
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