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Postby Seahawks4Ever » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:27 pm

The Trump Administration is quietly preparing to "privatize" the health care of our veterans. They are proposing to give Veterans "vouchers" so that they can purchase their own health care insurance on the private market. They will then close the rest of the VA hospitals because they would then be considered "surplus".

The Clinton Admin. started the first round of VA hospital and/or clinic closures leading to the extraordinary long wait times and poorer patient outcomes and it lead directly to sicker Vets and even their death sometimes. If THAT was considered criminal by many (including me) I believe the Trump Admin. and the GOP in congress who plan to carry out this privatization scheme to be even more of an abomination. But, then, what else would you expect from someone like D.J.T. who doesn't care one iota about the military or those that serve or even their families???

Do you know what they intend to call this program?? C.A.R.E. ironic isn't it? Naming an uncaring program C.A.R.E.

But, that's alright, you don't have to believe me. But don't come crying to me when they actually carry it out.

I bet you don't even know WHY we had Green Berets in NIGER, do you? We are in Niger because Chad, which is situated on the eastern border of Niger pulled their troops out when the Trump Admin. decided to put them on the list of nations that are part of Trump's travel ban. Up until then Chad had been one of our greatest allies in Central Western Africa and had had many troops in Niger putting down insurgencies by Al Queda, Boco Harem, and oh yes, ISIS. When Chad pulled their troops out that left our warriors to take up the slack.

Many in our government, especially our military commanders were flabbergasted when Chad had been added to the updated Trump Travel Ban. But, EXXON MOBILE when Rex Tillerson was still their CEO had had a huge dispute about how much money Exxon Mobile OWED the nation of CHAD. It ended up costing Exxon many millions of dollars and Rex wanted revenge so Trump did his Sec. of State a favor and so put Chad on the list of countries included in Trump's travel ban. But, that's just AOK then Trump and his criminal cohorts administer our government this way.

All right, go ahead, and say that what they are doing is not nearly as bad as stuff Clinton and Obama did (completely pure undiluted bullshit) or HRC would have done if she had won the election.

Now matter how you slice it, two wrongs don't and never has made a right.
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